Little hut at the beach behind the turtle hatchery, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

I was fortunate to have a short visit to Sri Lanka during 1996 in my school days when I picked up the interest in photography.

Beautiful sunset at the beach in Pulau Langkawi

Tioman and Langkawi

The two island in Peninsular Malaysia was visited over two separate trip. Both of which are magnificient island not to be missed.

Rising sun at Lake Pleasant


The USA trip was part of my 2 years detachment with the Air Force. Various places visited includes Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, Utah and Yellowstone. Read more about it here>>


Shots of people taken in both studio and outdoor setting are available here. Majority of the shots are taken with the various photography clubs in Singapore.


Flowers and plants can be seen all over Singapore. Some of them can be seen here in this page.


Taking pictures of birds in the wild is a huge challenge. This page, however showcase photos of birds in a bird park with a "natural" environment.

About Me

Learn more about the photographer who bring you the photos on this site here.

About my equipment

In case that anyone is interested in knowing the tools that I'm using to create all this pictures, they are all listed right in this page here.

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