An interesting looking curvy leaf in National Orchid Garden, Singapore



I love taking photos of flowers. For one thing, unlike humans and animals, you can take your time to compose your shots till the cow comes home and they will not get bored. However despite that, flowers are not the easier subjects to be captured on film and will requires some careful planning when shooting them.

Lotus flower in the pond at Botanical Garden, Singapore A field full of these cute little flowers in Botanical Garden, Singapore Lotus flower in the pond at Botanical Garden, Singapore

Some standard gears required for flower shots includes the standard zoom and a macro lense. A wide to medium zoom will allows the capturing of a group of flowers and/or their immediate surrounding (i.e. the garden).An orchid in National Orchid Garden, Singapore Larger flower such as the lotus can also be captured similarly. For close-up shots, a macro lense (No, I do not yet own one. Any sponsors?) would have been extremely useful. For those without a macro lense, a close-up filter (which essentially acts as a magnifying glass) would be a good alternative. A tripod and a flash would also be essential for such close-up shots. The primary reason being that at such close range, the depth of field would have been extremely narrow and it would be neccessary to stop down the lens aperture to the smallest possible. As such, the shutter speed would often be far too low for the camera to be handheld steadily. A flash would help improve the lighting and bring the shutter speed to a more manageable one.

National Orchid Garden, Singapore National Orchid Garden, Singapore

Having said that, here are a few locations in Singapore where flowers and gardens can nicely be photographed. That include places such as Chinese Garden, Mandai Orchid Gardens, Botanical Garden and National Orchid Gardens. National Orchid Gardens is located right within Botanical Garden, both of which is my favourite locations for flower shots. As always, be at the garden early for the beautiful morning lighting.

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