Boats at Changi Jetty, Singapore



Within the next few pages are photos from the various places that I've been to . These photos have been taken with a variety of cameras including both manual and auto SLR. And in cases when I'm unable to carry along my SLR, simple point and shoot cameras have been used as well. Each of the photos shown here can be clicked upon to reveal a larger and clearer photo.

Making waves at Sri Lanka Two cute mousedeer at Pulau Singa Besar, Langkawi Island Faces at Mount Rushmore in South Darkota, USA

Sri Lanka is my first trip oversea (apart from Malaysia) and in a way, is the start of my interest in photography. My next two trip is to Tioman and Langkawi island, both in Malaysia. It seems that I does have a liking to islands and beach resorts. Other islands that I hoped to visit in the future includes Phuket (in Thailand) and Bali (in Indonesia).

Then starting from Sept 1998, I got posted for a two year USA detachment as part of my work in the air force. Over the two year period, I've got a number of chances to tour around the country a little. Returning in the year 2000, I was a little disappointed that I've not got enough annual leave and money to tour around more places in the country.

After looking through the photos I have for the various places, I was a little alarmed to the lack of photos I have of my homeland, Singapore. This will be one area that I would be working at. Meanwhile, enjoy the photos from the rest of the places as linked below.

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