Model at Chinese Garden, Singapore



A happy bride in Chinese Garden, SingaporeMyanmese model posing with a guitar (Taken at the beach off Changi Jetty, Singapore) Portraits in general, are shots of people. Due to the diverse personalities and characters of people from all walks of life, it continue to be one of the most photographed subjects. I have tried people shots under both indoor studio and outdoor conditions.

Ancient Beauty - Studio Shot taken at studio in Boon Lay Community Center (Nikon Soft 2 filter used)Studio shots are taken indoors, with precise lighting setups in an controlled environment. As a results, exposure is often spot on. However, I find that after a while, such studio shots can get a little boring. With everything nicely setup, the photo taking can sometimes end up simply just clicking away without much thought. Furthermore, the background is often of a plain and uninteresting colour.

Beach Boy - Taken at the beach off Changi Jetty, SingaporeOutdoor shots, on the other hand, are much more interesting. However, without a controlled environment, the lighting conditions can often be far more tricky. Nevertheless, given the 'right' lighting, outdoor portrait shots can often produce stunning results. Often, I find that a little fill-in flash helps improve the shot tremendously. This is especially true under a back-lighting condition. And in some situation, I find that using a softening filter help improves the shot too. The Nikon Soft 2 filter that I'm currently using seems a little too soft for my liking. Perhaps I should have gotten the Nikon Soft 1 in the first place.

Model at Chinese Garden, SingaporeA happy bride in Chinese Garden, SingaporeSwimsuit model shoot at WOSE Club, Singapore

One of my favourite lens for portrait shots is the Nikkor 80-200mm F2.8. Despite the weight (approx 1.3 kg), the sharpness and speed of the lens made it a great lens for portraits. The film that I'm using for most of my portrait shots is Fuji NPS (now replaced by Fuji NPC, both rated at ISO160). If you intend to shoot using slide, Fuji Astia would be a nice alternative for such shots.

Lastly, in case if anyone is interested in having their photos taken (outdoor portraits in Singapore only), I should be able to provide the service for free (less flims and development cost). Those interested can contact me for further discussion. Contact information can be found in the Guestbook page. Be fast though before I decides to turn professional and charge for each shot. :)

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